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Bring It On 2012

I’ve sat here staring at this screen on and off for several days trying to find the words to sum up 2011 and welcome 2012 and it’s damn near impossible. There are only two things from 2011 that I want to take into 2012 and those are my boyfriend and my job. I am so lucky to have him and such a great job. That being said, the rest of 2011 can suck it. 2012 is here and looks full of promise and opportunity. I’m going back to school for something I really love, which is something I knew I would do one day but I don’t think my family believed me. Everyone I know is in relatively good health. Hopefully everyone’s financial situation improves this year. I think 2012 is poised to be one of the best years yet, and maybe I’m just an¬†optimistic, but by this time last year I had already had my New Year’s kiss stolen by someone who I definitely didn’t want to kiss, had my car die, and had someone think I was a hooker and try to pick me up. So far in 2012 none of that has happened but maybe y’all should knock on some wood for me!

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