Grand Cayman: To Hell and Back

If someone were to tell me to go to Hell I would gladly comply as long as they meant Hell, Grand Cayman. This is the second time I’ve visited the island and I was looking forward to going. Unfortunately the shore excursion we were planning on doing, snorkeling with stingrays, was canceled due to windy weather but I still enjoyed myself. We went on a mini tour of the island and by mini I mean we went to Hell and the turtle farm. Hell is one of those overly touristy places that I don’t find myself dreaming of going to, but it’s still interesting. You can read in this picture about the rocks that gave it the name Hell:

As for the army men, my brother and I decided that to liven up our pictures a bit we would take army men and give them a grand adventure during the cruise. It was fun, and the looks we got made it even more fun. Click through for more pictures of Hell and to see all the cute little turtles! Continue reading

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I’m BACK!!

Well, I made it off the boat and now I need a vacation from vacation, but I had a blast. I went to Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Belize, and Isla Roatan and I have some amazing pictures that I want to share with you so I’m going to put a post of for each island instead of making one long huge one with way too many pictures. I hope everyone had a fun and safe Thanksgiving!


I’m On A Boat (Well, I will be soon)

I regretfully (ha!) inform my dear readers that there will be no posts from me for the next 10 days. I will unfortunately (double ha!) be enjoying the sun, sand, surf, and adult beverages of a cruise. Enjoy your week, I sure as hell will be!

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Kindle Cover Re-Do

I got the new Kindle 4 a few weeks ago and I still haven’t been able to put that damn thing down. The only problem I had with it is it’s ridiculously plain pink cover. I even told the guy at Best Buy that it “wasn’t pink enough” even though it is bright pink and a little bit of orange thrown in there. Well yesterday I was getting a little bored, and since I live by the motto if bored you’re boring, I decided to finally make it pink enough. Luckily I had all the supplies already from other projects so my total cost for this re-do was a big fat ZERO, hell yeah for saving money!

Here is my “not pink enough” cover:

So. Friggen. Plain.

And here is my final product! (Click through for full tutorial):

I have ADOS- Attention Deficient Oooh Shiny

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My Christmas Vow

This year you will not find me in a store. This year I will not have boxes and boxes coming in the mail to me all through December. This year I’m making everything. I am going to get hard core crafty. I am going to bake until I am sick of baking. I am going to make sure that each present means something. And most importantly, I’m not going to go broke. I am still going to see the joy on people’s faces when they open their gifts. I am still going to be able to participate in whatever gift giving ritual. I am going to use my talents to make sure that every single person on my list gets something that they truly love from me. Who is with me?

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Cheesy Chicken Quinoa Casserole

We couldn't wait to eat it!

The other night while I was waiting for the boyfriend to get home I got hungry, like really, really hungry. I was also really, really broke so my options where kind of limited. I knew that the grocery had chicken breasts on sale so I decided to just raid my kitchen and make a casserole, because you can throw almost anything in a dish and call it a casserole. I went to the grocery and bought the chicken and also some low sodium cream of mushroom soup. I always keep quinoa on hand and if you haven’t discovered the joys of quinoa yet, I highly recommend that you do. This delicious grain can be substituted in almost any dish for rice and it packs a nutritious punch. It’s a complete protein which means it is high in essential amino acids, it’s also a good source of fiber, phosphorous, magnesium, and iron. It’s also fairly cheap, especially if you buy it in bulk, and it expands like crazy so you don’t have to use much. As you can see from the picture, the boyfriend and I chowed down so fast I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture before!  Continue reading

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Ashy Is Not Classy

Winter is upon us and we all know what that means, gross dry skin. I have battled dry skin and eczema most of my life and while I’ve mostly grown out of the eczema it still always comes back a little in the winter. To say it’s a little embarrassing is an understatement, it’s hard to feel pretty when you have gross red patches all over you. I think I have literally tried every single friggen lotion on the market, they all promise wonders, they all mostly don’t deliver. The best store lotion is hands down Vaseline’s Cocoa Butter (or the drugstore knockoff cuz I’m a cheap ass and they are the exact same ingredients in the exact same order, I checked). Another benefit of Vaseline’s lotion is it contains lactic acid which helps get rid of those annoying little bumps under your arm. The only thing I have ever found that surpassed that is this little jar of pure cocoa butter I found in St. Maarten while I was stumbling and speaking drunk fluent French. All you had to do was heat it up in the microwave for about 20 seconds and rub it in and it was pure bliss until the little jar exploded in the microwave. I never even got any eczema patches or under arm bumps when I used it. Now that winter is rearing it’s ugly little dry head again I decided to try and come up with a mixture that put even pure cocoa butter to shame, and boys and girls, I did it. Continue reading

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RIP Hetty Virginia Price 1913-2011

My great-grandmother on my mother’s side (my maternal grandmother’s mom) passed away on Monday. She was an amazing woman and I am very lucky that I got to know her. Not many people I know ever actually get to meet any of their great-grandparents but I am incredibly blessed to have known 3 of my great-grandmothers. In honor of my Mama Hetty I decided to make a cake from one of her recipes for her funeral tomorrow and let me tell ya, she was definitely looking down on me and laughing. I guess she had to do something to let me know she was there and not happy about me deviating from the original recipe. It took way longer to cook than it should have and I won’t really know if it cooked all the way through until tomorrow. I’m giving you the non-me-edited version so that she doesn’t look down on you and laugh, enjoy!

Chocolate Covered Cherry Cake

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It’s Time to Get My Butt in Shape

Ever look at a calendar and realize, HOLY SHIT that thing you’ve been meaning to do for that thing you’re doing that’s months away is now only 3 weeks away? Yeah, that’s me. Procrastinator extraordinaire. I’m going on a cruise over Thanksgiving week and have been meaning to work out for the last 2 months but yet I never really could seem to get my ass off the couch. A lot of my problem is I feel like I need someone to hold me accountable, which really I should be holding myself accountable. My over-indulging is no one else’s fault. I tend to eat pretty well most of the time but I also allow myself some serious indulgences because I figure I ate pretty well all day might as well eat this whole bag of popcorn, this cupcake, and this candy bar. I also tend not to exercise because I figure I “exercise” at work all day by running around and lifting cases of beer and buckets of ice. All those bad habits end here and now. I have to be in a bikini for most of a week in like 3 weeks. I’m not sure how much I can accomplish between now and then but hey, it’s a start. I went and got a few exercise DVDs last night so that way I can mix it up a bit and not get totally bored with a routine. I also got a stability ball to sit on while I’m at my desk instead of being a fat ass in a chair. The boyfriend and I are going to start going for walks around the neighborhood. I think step by small step we can both get our asses in shape and in turn be healthier and happier. Does anyone have any good tips for a healthier lifestyle? And is anyone in the Charlotte area needing a workout buddy? It’s always easier to exercise with someone and I just can’t see the boyfriend wanting to do the Pussycat Dolls workout DVD with me.

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Happy Halloween Y’all!

I hope everyone had a delightfully frightening one! In honor of by far the most fun holiday here’s a music video about one of history’s most famous scary ladies:

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