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I Heart Honduras

While I was in absolute awe of the wild beauty of Belize, I fell in love with the beautiful Isla Roatan, Honduras. Belize is a place I would go visit but Isla Roatan is a place I could see myself living. Click through to hear more and for more pictures! Continue reading

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I Can’t Belize My Eyes!

The Black Orchid, national flower of Belize.

Our third port of call was the amazingly wonderful and wild Belize. I was the most excited for this stop because our shore excursion included a trip to the Mayan ruins Altun Ha and a boat ride down the Belize River. In my elementary school gifted program we studied the Mayans for a year and ever since then I have been fascinated by the people and the culture. My entire family has been to various ruins but this was my first time at any ruin and their first time at Altun Ha. Belize has become a hot spot not just for their amazing Mayan ruins but also for eco-tourism. The government does a great job at protecting the country too, during debarkation we were heavily warned not to take any non-prepackaged food off board in order to avoid a fine up to $5,000. Their strict guidelines and regulations pay off, the boat trip down the river was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. Click through to see pictures from the ruins and from the river ride. Continue reading

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Grand Cayman: To Hell and Back

If someone were to tell me to go to Hell I would gladly comply as long as they meant Hell, Grand Cayman. This is the second time I’ve visited the island and I was looking forward to going. Unfortunately the shore excursion we were planning on doing, snorkeling with stingrays, was canceled due to windy weather but I still enjoyed myself. We went on a mini tour of the island and by mini I mean we went to Hell and the turtle farm. Hell is one of those overly touristy places that I don’t find myself dreaming of going to, but it’s still interesting. You can read in this picture about the rocks that gave it the name Hell:

As for the army men, my brother and I decided that to liven up our pictures a bit we would take army men and give them a grand adventure during the cruise. It was fun, and the looks we got made it even more fun. Click through for more pictures of Hell and to see all the cute little turtles! Continue reading

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