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The Last 2 Months

In my New Year’s post I was not completely honest with you. Things with my boyfriend were going downhill really fast, but since I post most of my blog entries on Facebook I did not want him, his friends, or his family to read anything negative about our relationship. At the time I was already looking for new places to live and trying to figure out how to break things off. When he found out that I no longer wanted to be in the relationship we broke things off and I was without a place to live. Fortunately I have some of the most amazing friends in the world and they stood by me and helped me land on my feet with a huge smile on my face. I was my best friend’s little couch gnome for almost two months. I am now (very) happy to say though that I finally moved into a new place and I love it. They say everything happens for a reason and I firmly believe that I had to go through all the stupid shit to finally balance out. I hear the ex isn’t taking the break up so well but as for me, I’m doing awesome. I’m now working 2 jobs and they are both going really well, and since I’m single now I can do all the crazy shit I couldn’t do when I wasn’t like dance on the bar and flirt shamelessly for tips. The only thing I miss about being in a relationship is the companionship but the apartment I moved into allows dogs so I will be bringing one home very soon. Every dog I’ve ever met was better behaved than him anyways… And now that I have my kitchen all set up you can expect to start seeing new recipes from me very soon and new craft projects since I have a whole new place to decorate now! ūüôā


Be Back Soon. (I Promise)

I’m sure if anyone was regularly following me you’re like wtf, why hasn’t she posted anything? Well, to be honest, my world has been totally crazy lately and I haven’t had the chance to update. No worries though, I will be back soon and I promise lots of new content. And a post of longer than a few lines filling you in on what’s been going on. Loves you, mean it. -Me

Bring It On 2012

I’ve sat here staring at this screen on and off for several days trying to find the words to sum up 2011 and welcome 2012 and it’s damn near impossible. There are only two things from 2011 that I want to take into 2012 and those are my boyfriend and my job. I am so lucky to have him and such a great job. That being said, the rest of 2011 can suck it. 2012 is here and looks full of promise and opportunity. I’m going back to school for something I really love, which is something I knew I would do one day but I don’t think my family believed me. Everyone I know is in relatively good health. Hopefully everyone’s financial situation improves this year. I think 2012 is poised to be one of the best years yet, and maybe I’m just an¬†optimistic, but by this time last year I had already had my New Year’s kiss stolen by someone who I definitely didn’t want to kiss, had my car die, and had someone think I was a hooker and try to pick me up. So far in 2012 none of that has happened but maybe y’all should knock on some wood for me!

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For lack of a better term, fuck fibro. Fuck winter. Fuck the healthcare system. Here I am, 22 years old, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon stuck in bed because I cannot move. Not many people know about my struggle with it mostly because I get sick of hearing you poor thing, ¬†but you’re so young, and what exactly is that? Pretty much it’s like getting beaten to death on a daily basis with medieval torture devices, and that’s putting it nicely. It’s also kind of like having a small child that doesn’t let you sleep, no matter how tired you are the pain is gonna keep you awake. Normally, I just deal with it. I don’t have insurance so I take a little Naproxen here and there, some Melatonin and¬†Valerian root to help me sleep, rub some muscle cream on if I can pinpoint the exact spot, and the rest I just kind of have to deal with. During the summer it’s pretty manageable, I’ll have the occasional flare-up if I’m not careful, but winter sucks. One because it’s so damn cold and two because there’s so much added stress in the winter (thank you holidays and working at a pretty much seasonal type of place).

Besides the severe pain and insomnia fibro also has a whole other set of super fun symptoms. My absolute favorite is “fibro fog”- ever forget what you were doing in the middle of doing it? Ever start a sentence just to forget what the point of the sentence is supposed to be? How about lose something you know you just had in your hand 5 seconds ago and then search the whole house just to find out it’s still in your freaking hand? Happens to me all the damn time. It’s weird, I can remember what people want to eat and how they like their drinks but sometimes I cannot remember what I just said to them. I also lose my beer opener at least 5 times a shift. I tend not to let most people know about my fibro so a lot of my customers probably think I’m bubbleheaded as hell.

Another fun one I get is my hands, feet, and other appendages go to sleep all the time. I have actually learned to walk somewhat normal with both feet fully asleep. Impressive, I know. Another common symptom is depression, which should be a no shit symptom. How many people do you know that would be happy to feel like they’ve been beaten up all the time? It sucks even more when you’re young because all you can think about is how much fun the rest of your life is going to be with this condition. I just hope by the time I’m back on some kind of insurance plan they have come out with a medication that does not make me homicidal, suicidal, faint, have seizures,¬†nauseous, make me fat, cause more pain, or cause migraines. Yes, all of those have been complication from medicines I’ve been on.

As much as fibro sucks, I’m actually lucky. My mom also has it, which means we both have someone we can call and bitch to about all our aches and pains and that person will understand. I also have an amazing support system made up of my boyfriend and friends who take care of me as best they can. There have been days where I have been carried up the stairs completely sober and no one ever complained. There have been times where I’ve been in so much pain I could barely work and they picked up my slack without once trying to make me feel bad about it. They have stood up for me. They have let me cry on their shoulder, and most importantly they have laughed with me about all the crazy shit that my body puts me through sometimes. Because, after all, I have fibro, it doesn’t have me.

If there are any readers out there who have fibro and have found some homeopathic remedies that really truly help I would love to hear them and give them a shot. I will try just about anything as long as it doesn’t include eating bugs and animal sacrifice.¬†

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Stoner Food is the Best.

Have you ever heard someone talk about the weird stuff they eat when they’re high? Or seen someone eat while they were high? Sometimes it’s because they’re too lazy to drive to Taco Bell, but sometimes it’s really inventive. If it weren’t for the college I went to I would’ve never known Caesar dressing goes pretty well on waffles. Or potato chips crumbled on brownies with ice cream and whipped cream is awesome. Or that cranberries and salt and pepper chips are pretty damn good together. I used the knowledge of that last one to make some of the best cranberry sauce I have ever had one year. I’ve eaten the potato chip brownie combo a lot, until Ben and Jerry’s just straight up made an ice cream with chocolate covered potato chips, which is the best ice cream out there right now except their peach cobbler. That particular one is made out of heaven or something. I’ve only tried that waffles with Caesar dressing one once, but that’s only because those two foods aren’t normally around at the same time.

My all time favorite “stoner food” though? Guacamole. I am addicted/obsessed with avocados. I can’t get enough of ’em, no matter how they’re prepared. I haven’t tried them with chocolate though, although I’m pretty sure if done right it would be epic. One of the coolest things about guacamole is beyond it’s main ingredient being avocados it’s really up to you what’s in it, and like I’ve said before one of my favorite things about cooking is experimenting with flavors and customizing to suit your tastebuds or just whatever happens to be in your kitchen. Hell, I’ve even put Chick-Fil-A sauce in guacamole before because it sounded good at the time and it ended up being amazing. My best friend and I ate it all in about 5 minutes and the whole time kept arguing that the other one was eating too much of it. She also shares an avocado problem.

Anyway, to the moral of this post, recently I combined two of my biggest food loves and had such a mouthgasm that I’ve been eating it at least once a week since then; guacamole pasta. It’s pretty much the ultimate dish in my book. It’s delicious warm but would probably still be kick ass cold, I’m trying that next. Below is my tried and true basic guacamole recipe. Try it with pasta. Try it on chips. Try it on anything, and let me know how it works out. It’s the least you could do since I’m saving you that trip to Taco Bell.

Megan’s Addictive Guacamole


  • 1 Avocado, size depends on how big of a batch you’re making. You don’t want to make more than you can eat though because the guac will turn brown and not be so yummy after a while.
  • 2 Tbsp Sour Cream (makes it super creamy)
  • 1 Tbsp Minced garlic
  • 1 Tbsp Chopped cilantro, I use the squeeze tube of chopped cilantro and I love the stuff. I can tell a little difference on flavor but it’s such a small difference that I am willing to over look it if it means I don’t have to toss a bunch of cilantro every few days because I didn’t use it fast enough.
  • Juice of 1/2 lime
  • Dash salt
  • Whatever the hell else you feel like tossing in there. I’ve put tequila in it before, basil, pine nuts, the Chik-Fil-A sauce, it’s really up to you.


  1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor. Blend until you are satisfied. Some people like chunks, some people don’t. If you’re making guacamole pasta I recommend blending until creamy.

And while you’re reading this post you might as well hop over to the Stoner Food¬†and check out all the delicious looking/sounding stoner food they have!

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I’m BACK!!

Well, I made it off the boat and now I need a vacation from vacation, but I had a blast. I went to Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Belize, and Isla Roatan and I have some amazing pictures that I want to share with you so I’m going to put a post of for each island instead of making one long huge one with way too many pictures. I hope everyone had a fun and safe Thanksgiving!


I’m On A Boat (Well, I will be soon)

I regretfully (ha!) inform my dear readers that there will be no posts from me for the next 10 days. I will unfortunately (double ha!) be enjoying the sun, sand, surf, and adult beverages of a cruise. Enjoy your week, I sure as hell will be!

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My Christmas Vow

This year you will not find me in a store. This year I will not have boxes and boxes coming in the mail to me all through December. This year I’m making everything. I am going to get hard core crafty. I am going to bake until I am sick of baking. I am going to make sure that each present means something. And most importantly, I’m not going to go broke. I am still going to see the joy on people’s faces when they open their gifts. I am still going to be able to participate in whatever gift giving ritual. I am going to use my talents to make sure that every single person on my list gets something that they truly love from me. Who is with me?

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It’s Time to Get My Butt in Shape

Ever look at a calendar and realize, HOLY SHIT that thing you’ve been meaning to do for that thing you’re doing that’s months away is now only 3 weeks away? Yeah, that’s me. Procrastinator extraordinaire. I’m going on a cruise over Thanksgiving week and have been meaning to work out for the last 2 months but yet I never really could seem to get my ass off the couch. A lot of my problem is I feel like I need someone to hold me accountable, which really I should be holding myself accountable. My over-indulging is no one else’s fault. I tend to eat pretty well most of the time but I also allow myself some serious indulgences because I figure I ate pretty well all day might as well eat this whole bag of popcorn, this cupcake, and this candy bar. I also tend not to exercise because I figure I “exercise” at work all day by running around and lifting cases of beer and buckets of ice. All those bad habits end here and now. I have to be in a bikini for most of a week in like 3 weeks. I’m not sure how much I can accomplish between now and then but hey, it’s a start. I went and got a few exercise DVDs last night so that way I can mix it up a bit and not get totally bored with a routine. I also got a stability ball to sit on while I’m at my desk instead of being a fat ass in a chair. The boyfriend and I are going to start going for walks around the neighborhood. I think step by small step we can both get our asses in shape and in turn be healthier and happier. Does anyone have any good tips for a healthier lifestyle? And is anyone in the Charlotte area needing a workout buddy? It’s always easier to exercise with someone and I just can’t see the boyfriend wanting to do the Pussycat Dolls workout DVD with me.

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Happy Halloween Y’all!

I hope everyone had a delightfully frightening one! In honor of by far the most fun holiday here’s a music video about one of history’s most famous scary ladies:

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