The Last 2 Months

In my New Year’s post I was not completely honest with you. Things with my boyfriend were going downhill really fast, but since I post most of my blog entries on Facebook I did not want him, his friends, or his family to read anything negative about our relationship. At the time I was already looking for new places to live and trying to figure out how to break things off. When he found out that I no longer wanted to be in the relationship we broke things off and I was without a place to live. Fortunately I have some of the most amazing friends in the world and they stood by me and helped me land on my feet with a huge smile on my face. I was my best friend’s little couch gnome for almost two months. I am now (very) happy to say though that I finally moved into a new place and I love it. They say everything happens for a reason and I firmly believe that I had to go through all the stupid shit to finally balance out. I hear the ex isn’t taking the break up so well but as for me, I’m doing awesome. I’m now working 2 jobs and they are both going really well, and since I’m single now I can do all the crazy shit I couldn’t do when I wasn’t like dance on the bar and flirt shamelessly for tips. The only thing I miss about being in a relationship is the companionship but the apartment I moved into allows dogs so I will be bringing one home very soon. Every dog I’ve ever met was better behaved than him anyways… And now that I have my kitchen all set up you can expect to start seeing new recipes from me very soon and new craft projects since I have a whole new place to decorate now! 🙂


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