Grand Cayman: To Hell and Back

If someone were to tell me to go to Hell I would gladly comply as long as they meant Hell, Grand Cayman. This is the second time I’ve visited the island and I was looking forward to going. Unfortunately the shore excursion we were planning on doing, snorkeling with stingrays, was canceled due to windy weather but I still enjoyed myself. We went on a mini tour of the island and by mini I mean we went to Hell and the turtle farm. Hell is one of those overly touristy places that I don’t find myself dreaming of going to, but it’s still interesting. You can read in this picture about the rocks that gave it the name Hell:

As for the army men, my brother and I decided that to liven up our pictures a bit we would take army men and give them a grand adventure during the cruise. It was fun, and the looks we got made it even more fun. Click through for more pictures of Hell and to see all the cute little turtles!

The last time I went to Grand Cayman the turtle farm was a very small place now, however, it spans out several acres and includes what looked like a water park type thing over the hedges. They also have a few HUGE turtle tanks over a fence which they definitely did not used to have. I guess the demand for turtle products has increased drastically over the last few years. Turtle meat is considered a delicacy in many places and tortoise shell has always been popular in fashion and will probably continue to be popular forever. Anywho, here’s some pictures of all the cute turtles.

Baby turtles in the touch tank!

The huge turtle tanks that were over the fence.

Pretty blue Caymanian water 🙂

A few of the people in our group stayed at 7 Mile Beach for the rest of the day but my family and I chose to just go back on the ship and soak up the rest of the day’s rays so these are all the pictures I have.

The next place we went to was Cozumel, Mexico, however I only have 2 pictures from there so there’s not much point in doing a separate post on it. In short, we went to Playa Mia Beach where everything, including the tequila, is included. Needless to say, I found out why Mexicans take such long siestas. I drank allll the tequila and got too drunk to do anything but siesta on the beach.

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