Kindle Cover Re-Do

I got the new Kindle 4 a few weeks ago and I still haven’t been able to put that damn thing down. The only problem I had with it is it’s ridiculously plain pink cover. I even told the guy at Best Buy that it “wasn’t pink enough” even though it is bright pink and a little bit of orange thrown in there. Well yesterday I was getting a little bored, and since I live by the motto if bored you’re boring, I decided to finally make it pink enough. Luckily I had all the supplies already from other projects so my total cost for this re-do was a big fat ZERO, hell yeah for saving money!

Here is my “not pink enough” cover:

So. Friggen. Plain.

And here is my final product! (Click through for full tutorial):

I have ADOS- Attention Deficient Oooh Shiny


  • Kindle cover
  • Enough rhinestones to make whatever design you want
  • Aleen’s Jewel-It Glue (I got mine in a mini sample pack that came with 3 Tacky Glues and an Ok To Wash-It glue for pretty cheap and you definitely will not need the whole bottle)
  • Tweezers for proper rhinestone placement (And trust me, it’s a biiittttccchhhh)
  • Paper towel to wipe glue up
  • Assorted 3/8 inch ribbons
  • Liquid Stitch
  • Old t-shirt in a coordinating color
  • Iron
  • Scissors


  1. Buy a lame ass cover for a ridiculous amount of money. Become unhappy with cover and find this tutorial.
  2. Mark off 5 inches by 7 inches on the old shirt and cut rectangle out. Iron all the wrinkles out. Coat edges with No Fray and allow to dry. The great thing about needing only a few inches from this shirt is that you have plenty left over for another craft. And once I figure out what that craft is, I will let you lovely people know!

    Isn't my iron adorable?

  3. Pick out which rhinestones you want to use and lay them out so you have a general idea of how many you need and where you need to put them. This step would have been made significantly easier had I been able to find a Sharpie pin to put a dot where each rhinestone should go, but I couldn’t so I hope you can.
  4. Using the Jewel-It glue glue your rhinestones down. I will tell you this part is messy. You will get glue all over you and the tweezers. Unless you are a superhero, and in that case I want to meet you and learn your secrets.
  5. Cut ribbon to about a half inch longer than needed on each side so you can fold it over. I used 3/8 of an inch ribbon and 2 fit side by side on the binding of the cover perfectly. Using Liquid Stitch glue ribbon to the binding and next to the line of rhinestones, on the inside use something to hold the ribbon down as it dries so it doesn’t keep popping up. Allow to dry overnight.
  6. Fold the pocket part to how you want it and iron the sides down. Using the Liquid Stitch again glue the sides down and allow to dry for a few hours.
  7. Put Liquid Stitch on the part of the pocket that will be the bottom and adhere it to the cover. Allow to dry overnight.
  8. Liquid Stitch the sides of the pocket, allow to dry, and HOLY SHEET you’re done!
  9. Admire how supremely girly and sparkly your awesome Kindle cover is.


    I would love to see how yours turns out if you do this, my e-mail address is under About Me!

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