It’s Time to Get My Butt in Shape

Ever look at a calendar and realize, HOLY SHIT that thing you’ve been meaning to do for that thing you’re doing that’s months away is now only 3 weeks away? Yeah, that’s me. Procrastinator extraordinaire. I’m going on a cruise over Thanksgiving week and have been meaning to work out for the last 2 months but yet I never really could seem to get my ass off the couch. A lot of my problem is I feel like I need someone to hold me accountable, which really I should be holding myself accountable. My over-indulging is no one else’s fault. I tend to eat pretty well most of the time but I also allow myself some serious indulgences because I figure I ate pretty well all day might as well eat this whole bag of popcorn, this cupcake, and this candy bar. I also tend not to exercise because I figure I “exercise” at work all day by running around and lifting cases of beer and buckets of ice. All those bad habits end here and now. I have to be in a bikini for most of a week in like 3 weeks. I’m not sure how much I can accomplish between now and then but hey, it’s a start. I went and got a few exercise DVDs last night so that way I can mix it up a bit and not get totally bored with a routine. I also got a stability ball to sit on while I’m at my desk instead of being a fat ass in a chair. The boyfriend and I are going to start going for walks around the neighborhood. I think step by small step we can both get our asses in shape and in turn be healthier and happier. Does anyone have any good tips for a healthier lifestyle? And is anyone in the Charlotte area needing a workout buddy? It’s always easier to exercise with someone and I just can’t see the boyfriend wanting to do the Pussycat Dolls workout DVD with me.

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