Bucket List

I got the news I’ve been dreading for years yesterday; my great-grandmother isn’t doing to well and Hospice will be there today. Truth be told though she hasn’t been doing well for about 10 years, she has Alzheimer’s/dementia and hasn’t been able to hold a conversation about current things in a very long time. The hardest part is that I remember when she wasn’t like that. I remember going up to her house in Lake Lure, NC, and playing in her bird bath. I remember sleepovers at my grandma’s house with her and staying up all night giggling. I remember the school project I did on her right before she lost her marbles. And I remember her having no clue who I was. I remember her telling me the last time she saw me I was a baby. As much as her not knowing who I am hurts I’m lucky I remember her before she didn’t remember. My brother was born after she started getting sick so he doesn’t remember the way she was at all, and she doesn’t remember him at all. I wish he could have gotten to know her, she was a pretty amazing lady. Anytime death is upon someone you care about it kind of makes you take a step back and think about how you’re living your life and if you’re really living it to the fullest. After I got that call I realized I wasn’t and I finally applied to culinary school like I have been thinking about doing for a while. The one thing that was stopping me was fear I wouldn’t get in, but you should never let fear get in the way of your dreams. After I applied I started thinking of all the other things I wanted to do before my life was over and so I wrote them down and I have made the promise to myself to do at least one thing on my “Bucket List” each year. Mine is after the jump, but what are some things that are on your “Bucket List”?

  1. Fall hopelessly, madly, crazily in love. -I did this this year, my boyfriend is absolutely everything I have ever wanted and I can’t wait to see what our future looks like.
  2. Drive an Aston Martin down the Autobahn.- A girl has to dream right?
  3. Own and fix up a plantation home.- Every Southern girl deserves their own Tara.
  4. Own a ’69 Mustang.- I love love love my ’06 but a ’69 is my ultimate dream car.
  5. Go diamond mining in Arkansas.– And hopefully find one bigger than the Hope Diamond so I can afford that ’69 Mustang and the plantation.
  6. Go emerald mining in Hiddenite, NC.- Ok, I’ll be honest. I worked at a gem mine for a really long time and caught the rockhound bug.
  7. Successfully own and operate my own business.- Preferably a catering business.
  8. Finally finish and graduate from a college program.- I’m attempting to start working on this one.
  9. Help make someone else’s dream come true.- While I’m busy working on my own dreams I might as well help someone else too.
  10. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.- And if a shark happens to eat me, so be it, I was obviously doing something to agitate it in it’s own habitat.
  11. Go to Germany to see where I was born.- I was born in Augsburg, Germany and have never been back to see it.
  12. Have a full, sober, conversation with someone in French in France.- I found out on my last cruise that when I am drunk I’m fluent, which would have been great info to know in high school, but I want to have a sober fluent conversation too.
  13. Put my hands in Audrey Hepburn’s hand prints.- She is pretty much my idol.
  14. Write a novel, even if no one else reads it.- I’ve started several, finished none. I’m just waiting on the right inspiration.
  15. Eat pasta in Italy.- It should be a culinary school requirement.
  16. Go to Mardi Gras.- I’m from Louisiana and have never been.
  17. Read every play by Shakespeare.- Yeah, I’m a nerd.
  18. Go white water rafting in West Virginia- I’ve already done it in Colorado. Plus, I want to see if I can find the Wild and Wonderful White family.
  19. Visit every Civil War battlefield.- I told you, I’m a nerd.
  20. Go on a cross country motorcycle trip with my boyfriend.– I just think it would be awesome.
Expect this list to continue to be added to and updated. And like I said, please share some of your “Bucket List” items!
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