Hide Your Glassware…

‘Cuz I have a new favorite hobby. I’ve been wanting to try glass etching FOREVER, or ever since I saw my first tutorial on it (thank you StumbleUpon). I just never could bring myself to spend the $13 on Armor Etch for some reason, even though I can for some reason justify spending way more than that on other stupid shit. Well lately a few of them have been popping up on Pinterest which has made my interest in it a lot bigger and when I went to Michael’s the other day I was so close to buying some Armor Etch but for some reason didn’t but I did get a 40% off coupon and therefore was finally able to justify it. Today after work I took my butt down to Michael’s and finally bought some and this is what happened:

Step 1- Figuring out what I wanted to etch. I got three of those little latchey containers at Ikea when I first moved into the boy’s house for flour, sugar, and pasta so I figured those would be a great first project. Plus, they were cheap so if I screwed up no biggie.

Step 2- The lettering, aka- the pain in the ass. I started off trying to cut out with an exacto knife letters I had printed out online. That was a total and epic fail. Then I remembered I had a roll of pink vinyl wall cling stuff from way back in the day that I probably wasn’t going to use anytime soon. I outlined the letters, cut them out, and ended up with this:

Not too shabby eh?

Step 3- Glob the Armor Etch on there. No, seriously, glob it. It even says on the package to apply heavily.

Step 4- Wait. This is where the package is a total liar. It says 60 seconds. That is complete and total bullshit. I washed one of them off after 60 seconds and nothing was done. I globbed it back on there and waited. I made dinner, I cleaned up after dinner, I made some brownies and put them in the oven, and then I washed it off. And here ladies (and I guess possibly some gentlemen) is the final result:


You can’t really see the pasta, but in real life it’s easier to see the pasta than the sugar and flour. I love the way they turned out and I can’t wait to try this on other stuff. I’m thinking some wine glasses are in order next!

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