An open letter to non-tippers:

As someone who works in the service industry I have a huge pet peeve. People who come out to the bar, drink all day, and hardly leave a tip, if they even leave one. If you cannot afford to tip your waitress/bartender/stripper etc then please, stay home. Call up your buddies go to the store and buy a case of beer and have yourselves a grand old time. We DO NOT WORK FOR FREE. We get paid approximately $2 an hour. Even if we’re full-time we only get paid around $80 a week. Can you survive on $80 a week? With bills? With needing to put food on the table? Doubt it.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my job. It provides me a pretty comfortable lifestyle. However, it’s usually the worst tippers who are the most demanding. How do you expect me to wait on you when I know that I might only be getting $1 out of you after you spend $50? I have other customers who are actually willing to tip me. And tip me well. I want to pay attention to them, not you slamming your beer on the counter barking out orders to get you another beer.

Which brings me to another topic. Do not be rude to me. I’m there to provide you a service. And you will get much better service if you are nice. In fact, you could be just an ok tipper but if you are nice and polite then you will get excellent service. I have thick skin, there’s a lot of things you can say that just don’t bother me, but know when to stop. I love joking around but if you’re being down right nasty about the things you want to do to me that is when I turn and walk away.

Other than these occasional aggravating things, I love my job. I am so blessed, going to work feels more like hanging out with friends most of the time. And 80% of my customers do not treat me like this but the 20% that do leave an impact.

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